Nth Degree is Defined as:
"To the utmost degree or extent, without limit."


Nth Degree Entertainment Group was founded in 2008 by Tom Hall, previous co-owner of TomKatz Entertainment Group and one of Toronto's finest DJ's. Experienced in the music entertainment field
since 1992, Tom Hall, with Nth Degree Entertainment Group, will make every event an unforgettable
one. Whether it's a social event or a wedding, you will receive everything you asked for and more, to
the utmost degree.

Experienced and possessing a focused professional approach is what sets Nth Degree Entertainment
Group apart from the others. Our exceptional customer service will make you feel secure in your choice
and extremely satisfied with the results. Nth Degree Entertainment Group knows how important your
event is for you and that's why we take the time to listen to your needs and propose suggestions for
your consideration, thus making your event one that will be remembered a lifetime.

The staff of Nth Degree Entertainment Group has had the pleasure of being associated with all types
of special and culturally diverse events over the years, and would be more than happy to make your
event memorable.