Elroy Bucchan

Elroy BucchanAs a resident of Toronto, Elroy Bucchan (DJ E-Bucks) has had the opportunity to experience many different cultures through Toronto's diverse crowds, experiencing music from classic rock to hip hop to soca to bhangra, etc. While boasting street credibility, in 1992 DJ E-Bucks began spinning on a radio show at Seneca College's Newnham campus. Around the same time frame, he was the main "mic man" (DJ), in a sound crew that played at different house parties, weddings, and events around Toronto.

For the last few years he has rekindled the fire to perform by becoming a mobile DJ, and spinning at various clubs, bars, private parties, and weddings in the GTA. Residencies include spinning for a spoken word crowd at The Obama Cafe, DJing for a high end crowd at Black Moon Lounge, and currently spinning at Hoops Bar & Grill (Keele location).

His philosophy on playing for a crowd are, at the beginning of the night you start out with a blank canvas, and you make art as you move through the night, therefore all mixing is done live with no prerecorded mixes. And, in order to keep the crowd moving, never take your eye off them, which means know your music well so that you're watching the crowd and not looking down at your work. DJ E-Bucks knows that the crowd is most important at every event, and it is important to keep them satisfied.