Jacob Thielen

Jacob Thielen Jacob is a passionate and multi-faceted performer. He listens to music, produces music and performs as a disc jockey (DJ) as well. He started performing as a DJ when he was fifteen (15) years old, learning the skill as a student at Scratch Lab DJ Institute. Their focus was on using vinyl records as a scratch instrument. After completing DJ school, Jacob started performing at school dances and house parties; then moved onto graduations and weddings. Jacob gained additional experience performing on party boats that operate out in the Toronto harbour and working on board the Enterprise 2000. Separately, he performed during “frosh week” at Ryerson University where, he is a student, in front of more than 1,200 people. Jacob has the capability to play all kinds of music ranging from the popular 50’s music all the way to the current top 40 tunes and beyond.

Jacob is also an audio-visual specialist, knowledgeable computer technician, and a photographer. Each of these skills complement each other and permit him to provide a broad range of services in the events where he performs.

Today Jacob DJ’s with the Nth Degree crew where he works with Tom Hall and the other DJ’s to make events memorable. He strives to make every event as unique event as possible; seeing a smile on everyone’s face is the ultimate reward for a job well done.