Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown A student of Radio & Broadcasting at Seneca College, Taylor followed in both his parents footsteps, beginning his career as a DJ at the age of sixteen, he started with dances at his school, house parties for his friends and the occasional gig with his father (DJ Krafty of Limelight, and many others) who taught him the essentials of professional DJing. He excelled fast, eventually taking the contract at Great Lakes Schooner from his father and becoming their main DJ and the contract holder. There he began spinning the best of Classic Rock, 80's, 90's, Top 40 for a wide range of clients ranging from Corporate functions, Weddings, Graduations and Frosh Parties.

After two-years with Great Lakes, he continued to maintain a presence on the water taking a contract from a local DJ company which maintained a contract with Mariposa Cruise Lines. There he continued working as not only the youngest DJ on the water, but also as one of the main DJ's for the company, so much so that he was the only DJ to carry over when the contract was taken by another company, and has continued spinning for almost seven years and about four hundred cruises later.

Today, Taylor has met up with long time DJ Thomas Hall of Nth Degree and has become even better then he was before. Under the wing of Thomas and the other DJ's of Nth Degree he has expanded his knowledge and expertise from just music and computers to lighting, audio and visual setup and maintaining and continues to adapt to the every changing industry.